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[Blog] - Two New Features on Gifting Wishes

We are happy to announce a couple of exciting new features on GiftingWishes, our charity wish list service.

First, donors are now given the option to send a tweet or add a Facebook link after they've made a donation. We are firm believers in donors having the option to receive credit for what they do and we hope that this encourages others to give to some well deserving charities.

Secondly, we've added the option for a donor to add their own website link when they've made a donation to a charity. This link could be to their blog, personal website or business website. We will be closely monitoring this new feature to look for abuses. This allows a donor to not only receive credit for their donation, but also promote themselves or their businesses. Also, since the heart of the big search engines is still how many other sites link to your site, this may have SEO benefits for our donors with websites.

These are just a couple of new benefits for those who want to do good. We are always looking for suggestions of ways that we can improve our service for both charities and donors. Please feel free to Contact Us with your ideas.

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