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[Blog] - Environmental awareness and water clarity – the Sustainable Tahoe way

Sustainable Tahoe was formed to address three key challenges that threaten the water clarity of Lake Tahoe:

  • Economy – Outdated tourism model which limits visitors connection to the place while putting water clarity at risk. (like being car-dependent vs. having interlinked water to land transit system)

  • Environment – Massive restoration investment that lacks adequate education, awareness and action to be effective, successful, and sustainable.

  • Community – competition within the region, rather than competing as one unified region. This confuses visitors and compromises environmental goals.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Sustainable Tahoe is demonstrating how preservation is profitable. Their passionate group of volunteers facilitates the adoption of stewardship and sustainability by showcasing, cultivating, and connecting models of success. Working with private, public and social sectors, the organization’s leaders seek out environmentally responsible behavior and spotlight best practices to inspire others.

Quite simply, Sustainable Tahoe guides people to enjoy the assets of the Lake Tahoe watershed without degrading water clarity.

Their campaigns include an annual geotourism demonstration of how the Tahoe watershed can realize economic prosperity with water clarity! The Tahoe Expo is and interlinked (via transit) exposition of guided geotourism activities throughout in the Tahoe region. The goal is to increase people’s connection to the place while reducing their carbon footprint. This annual demonstration is a community hosted collaborative effort that brings people to together with visitors to show how we can create four seasons of revenue just by sharing the land, water, wildlife and air we all share.

Sustainable Tahoe’s approach is to target existing Communities of Interest (bikers, hikers, kayakers, birders, heritage, geo-cashing, etc.) to build four seasons of a high-touch/low-impact brand that increase the reach of visitors by offering four seasons of more diverse activities, giving them more reasons to stay longer, return sooner and migrate stories that increase ongoing demand for the destination.

The Expo (Expose your Stewardship – Lead by Example) is the demonstration of this economy that will connect each area of our watershed, one transit hub at a time, every year until it is every day.

The organization’s leaders saw the opportunity to leverage a relationship with GiftingWishes to reach out to a new audience of community leaders, who passionately care for the outdoors, clean air and water, recreation, and all that our region has to offer. Several wish list items appear on the page for donor consideration – click here to see the list.

Each wish provides Sustainable Tahoe with the funds and energy needed to move its mission forward…a mission dedicated to improving the area we live in and enjoy each day. Anyone inclined to be a part of this emerging story of shifting human behavior by making it fun….please share your skills in service to the water, land and air we all share.

Also, anyone interested in volunteering for Sustainable Tahoe, particularly its upcoming Tahoe Expo, can visit the volunteer descriptions posted on the Summer Of Service – Northern Nevada website (click here).


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