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[Blog] - How to make donations on GiftingWishes

The true value behind the GiftingWishes creation is the ease, convenience, and impact which donors recognize when supporting the charity or charities of their choice.

Built for the ability for non-profit organizations to present and promote their needs and funding opportunities in an appealing and organized format, the website was designed to process donations in such a way that the funds are sent directly to the charity of each donor's choice.

Knowing that some people may wish to contribute towards more than one wish or funding need each time they visit the GiftingWishes website, a "Your Basket" tool was incorporated. This makes it extremely convenient for donors.

Here are the basic steps to take to making a donation...

  1. Visit the GiftingWishes page of the charity. This is done by identifying the region of which they're located.

  2. Review the wishes and needs of the charity. Click "Add" for your preferred wishes/needs.

  3. Add your preferred # into the "Quantity" field of the wish/need you wish to support. Please note that if you wish to donate an amount greater than the listed "Amount", simply factor the number of "quantity" you'll need to match your desired donation amount.

  4. Continue reviewing possible needs, wishes, programs, and funding opportunities offered by the charity.

  5. When you're ready to process your donation(s), click "Your Basket", which is located in the upper right corner of the webpage. This will take you to the donation processing page.

  6. Once you enter your information and process your donation (through PayPal or Google Wallet), you'll be invited to make yourself known and send a message to the charity.

  7. Type your name (or leave as "Anonymous") and a private message and click "Submit" to complete.

  8. That's it. The efficient, step-by-step, process provides assurance (to the donor) that the process is secure, safe, and direct (funds go directly to the charity), yet flexible enough for the donor can choose to remain private or public.

What we've found, most recently, is that a number of baskets are left open. In fact, as of today, 120 baskets of "almost" donors remain open. This means that 120 donations are sitting there, waiting to be processed for charitable organizations to utilize to fulfill wishes, meet needs, and impact beneficiaries.

If donors do not receive an email receipt of their donation, which states the dollar amount and the organization receiving the contributed funds, it means that the donation was not completely processed. When the donation is complete, the supported charity will receive an email with the donor's mailing amount, as well as any message the donor wishes to leave...even if he/she wishes to remain an "anonymous" donor.

The experience of making donations should be simple, convenient, secure, and in every situation, completely rewarding. If donors encounter any issues or confusions, they should not hesitate to contact us to figure it out.

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