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Welcome to Joy Charities where helping the needy of Central Florida is what we are about!

Have you ever come to a place in your journey when life just stops working for you. You lose you job, experience a divorce, experience illness in your life or someone you love or even the loss of a loved one? This is a part of life and at some point we might find our self in a predicament that challenges our ability to cope.

…as the saying goes…. today me, tomorrow you.

When these experience in life occur, wouldn’t it be great to know there is a lifeline out there, a safety net that say you are valuable and though times are more than you feel you can bear there is someone that does care.

At Joy Charities we deeply understand your circumstance and as such we have come together with the help of volunteers, businesses and resources to make this moment in your journey just a little easier, just a little more bearable.

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