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Also known as the Reno Air Racing Foundation, Pathways to Aviation is a 501c3 non-profit providing the engine to leverage legacy programs, instruction, and partnerships to facilitate educational success, labor force growth, and economic vitality.

Pathways to Aviation provides solutions to the Nevada aviation industry's growing workforce needs by informing, inspiring, and engaging its future labor force.

Pathways to Aviation embarked on an exciting journey to inform, inspire, and engage an increasing number of young people with aviation industry. The map of this journey includes many features, including:
- Expanding our reach to all of Nevada and parts of California;
- Hosting field trip experiences at airports and aviation businesses;
- Guiding high school and college students toward exciting careers;
- Providing scholarships for those seeking certifications and college degrees;
- Making presentations to elementary, middle, and high school students;
- Attending career fairs and workshops at schools ;
- Coordinating industry special events and educational programs; and,
- Connecting aviation business leaders to each other and local/statewide leaders.

This organization goes to great lengths to invest in the aviation industry's future. Pathways to Aviation is truly dedicated to creating opportunities, especially aviation's future workforce.

100% of each donation will be received by Pathways to Aviation and immediately allocated to programs connecting young people with the world of aviation, and vice-versa.

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