Nevada Youth Empowerment Project

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The core purpose of the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project (NYEP) is to assist older youth in becoming independent, self-sufficient community contributors. Our goal is to deliver safe, supervised housing, daily supportive transitional housing services, and skills training to residents through our Community Living Program (CLP). The CLP facility is located in Northwest Reno and houses six transitional aged female youth in a safe, supportive, independent living environment.

The CLP is designed to replicate “real life”. CLP residents sign a lease and commit to the housing program curriculum, which is intended to move the youth to stability and self-sufficiency. Our programming includes safe housing, food, clothing, life skills training, and daily interaction with trusted positive adults.

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Our Wishes

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Toliet Paper62 $8.99
Paper Towels62 $5.99
Air Freshener60 $2.99
Carpet Cleaner60 $3.99
Fluorescent Light Bulbs 60 watts62 $5.99
Double A (AA) Batteries61 $4.99
Twin Mattresses for Teen Home20 $300.00
Bus Pass300 $1800.00
Laundry Detergent60 $7.99
Dryer Sheets60 $2.99
Shaving Cream60 $2.99
Razors60 $3.99
Bleach60 $3.99
Trash bags (30 gallon)120 $120.00
Doterra OnGuard120 $384.00
Doterra Lemon Oil120 $120.00
Camera System20 $1600.00
Stackable Washer Dryer20 $3000.00
Refrigerator10 $500.00
Triple A (AAA) Batteries60 $4.99
Dishwashing Liquid60 $2.99
Pilot G-2 Series Pens60 $3.99
Postage Stamps60 $9.20
#10 Envelopes60 $3.99

Thank You!

Sue Oliver and Chet Mallory Website
Carpet, Padding and Installation for Living Room
1 $1000.00 9/21/2013
Pete Parker Website
Running Shoes for Youth Residents
1 $50.00 9/30/2013 Website
Bus Pass
2 $35.00 12/13/2013
Becky Czarnik Website
Toliet Paper
2 $8.99 12/27/2013
Becky Czarnik Website
Paper Towels
2 $5.99 12/27/2013
Becky Czarnik Website
Pin Sol
1 $3.99 12/27/2013
Becky Czarnik Website
Fluorescent Light Bulbs 60 watts
2 $5.99 12/27/2013
Becky Czarnik Website
Double A (AA) Batteries
1 $4.99 12/27/2013
Becky Czarnik Website
Bus Pass
2 $35.00 12/27/2013
Ryan Souza Website
Dining Table and Chairs (seats 10)
1 $700.00 6/10/2014
Anonymous Website
Large, Sectional Sofa (seat at least 9)
1 $700.00 4/7/2015