Register Your Charity - Google Checkout


Before you start, you will need to create a free Google Checkout Merchant account at If you already have one, you may want to create a second one just for GiftingWishes. Gifting Wishes will only use this information to send the donor's funds directly to your account and, as you will see, all transactions on your account are logged by their system.You can choose within Google Checkout to automatically process the donor's credit card or if you would prefer to manually process each donation.

When you have a Google Checkout Merchant account and are ready to begin registering with us, scroll down to below the screenshot and click the Register Your Charity button. Please refer to the screenshot below to set the values that we will need to integrate your Google Checkout account with GiftingWishes. These settings must be exact. After you login to your Google Checkout Merchant account at :

  1. Select the Settings tab.
  2. Select the Integration menu item on the left.
  3. Check the box that says that you will only post digitally signed carts.
  4. Set the callback URL to Please note the "https" since Google requires a secure connection.
  5. Select the radio button that says Notification as XML.
  6. Choose Version 2.5 of the Google Checkout API.
  7. Save your settings.
  8. We will need your Google Merchant ID and Merchant Key during the registration process.


Register Your Charity