Register Your Charity - Before You Begin


Before you begin the Gifting Wishes registration process, you'll need to choose between Google Checkout and PayPal as the way that your donors send donations to your organization. Regardless of which you choose, please note that you will need a Merchant account. Once you select a service, you will be taken to another page showing where to get the information that we will need.

Gifting Wishes will only use the API information to allow donors to send funds directly to your accounts. If you are concerned about the security of your accounts, you should create a new account used only for your Gifting Wishes donations. It's likely that you will not need to enter any bank information to create either the Google Checkout or PayPal accounts and your donations will be held in those accounts until you choose to either add the bank information or if you choose to send the money to other Google Checkout or PayPal accounts.

  Google Checkout Merchant PayPal Merchant
Setup CostFreeFree
Monthly FeeNoneNone for Standard Account
Cost Per Transaction About the Same  More Info About the Same  More Info
Integrating with Us A few settings need to be made within your Google Checkout Merchant account. We'll then need two API values from your account. No settings will need to be set within your account. We'll need three API values from your account.
  Select Google Checkout Select PayPal